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Amy Kinzie


Amy Kinzie, BS, CWC

NRT Practitioner, Functional Nutrition and Health Educator

Amy helps people to find freedom from chronic health conditions, and also with those simply wishing to realize a higher level of health.  I have dedicated to the study of food as medicine for the past 20 years. 

She graduated Summa Cum Laude from National University of Health Sciences with degrees in biochemical science and clinical nutrition.  I have interned with Jim Marlow, chief nutritionist at the Mercola Clinic and has attended, and continue to attend, numerous seminars, and have received extensive training the areas of nutrigenomics, autoimmune disease, stealth infections/mold illness, mood disorders, ADHA/neurobehavioral disorders, migraine headaches, gi issues/leaky gut, and metabolic disorders.  She also works in association with Dr. Michael Reilly in Fox Lake Grove, an integrative medical physician and have been in working as a health educator for the past 15 years.

Using customized nutrition based off of blood chemistry values, metabolic type, diet, lifestyle, and genetics, we can restore proper physiological function to the body.  Rather than looking for ways to suppress symptoms as clues as to why the body is out of balance, and then utilizes vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, amino acids, probiotics, and other appropriate nutrient therapy to unlock the body's innate healing capacity.