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Public Speaking

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As a public speaker, published author and educator, Colleen presents and teaches in a casual, interactive style. The breadth of Colleen’s knowledge through training and years of experience allows her to speak candidly and informatively on a wide range of topics.


She enjoys sharing her expertise whether it is leading group discussions or teaching in a lecture-style format.

She can speak on a variety of subject matter that includes mindfulness, holistic wellness, self-love, spirituality, manifestation, oneness and metaphysics.




Intro to Metaphysics – Energy, Chakras & More!

  • What does it mean when we speak of "energy" and "frequency" in metaphysical terms? How do your thoughts and emotions measure up in manifesting your desires? References are made from the scientific data and research of universities, institutes, physicists and other scientists.

    • 2 to 2.5 hour Lecture with Q & A

    • Best suited for beginners/early intermediate


Immersion to Self Love


Self-love and the Shadow

How do you love someone you don’t really know? Understand yourself at a deeper level by gaining a new perspective on what self love really is. Healing the physical body starts with your awareness of who you are and why you do what you do. Presentation covers:

~Why the ego is precious.

~Ways to access your authentic self.

~Spiritual bypassing.

~Recognize cyclical patterns of self-destruction with mindfulness.

  • 3 hour Lecture with Q & A

  • Best suited for intermediate and advanced


Psychic Development: Spiritual Steps to Awaken Your Abilities

  • 15 hour course



Beginners Psychic Development Workshop

  • Originally an 18 hour course – this fun and interactive workshop with instruction will include discussion, exercises and breakout sessions.

    • 2 hours

    • Best suited for those who have a basic understanding of energy, meditation or who have take Intro to Metaphysics Class



Aligning your Business Chakras

  • Where are you putting your energy? Are you scattered, unfocused, or pulled in many directions of chaos? Whether you an entrepreneur, have a demanding career or your job is managing your home and/or children, this class will bring awareness to how you do anything is how you do everything.

    • 2 to 2.5 hours

    • Best suited for those who have a basic understanding of energy and chakras, or who have taken the Intro to Metaphysics Class

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