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Aura Imaging

An aura is the radiance and energy field surrounding all living beings. Each aura gives off a different vibration resulting in a unique color pattern, which can be seen using aura imaging.  Different colors have diverse meanings and can change depending on what an individual is experiencing at that point in their lives, and major life events can alter it.

Through history auras have been recognized through art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, but were only seen by psychics and those who were highly intuitive.

Today with the research and development of the science surrounding the life energy force (aura), everyone is able to experience the beauty and individuality of their aura. Using biofeedback measurements, this software measures the vibration of the human energy field.  The Aura Video Station records and measures energy pulsating throughout your body resulting in a report unique to the individual.

We offer three appointment options:

  • Aura photo - includes a copy of your aura photo that is yours to keep; and includes a 10 minute appointment to provide a general explanation of the colors and their meanings.
  •  Full report – is a detailed in-depth 30 minute appointment which includes the photo and a 22 page report that is yours to keep.

During the 30 minute appointment, we will review:

  • Aura colors and meanings
  • How well energy is balanced
  • Which chakras need more attention
  • How you are processing stress in your life
  • Specific details regarding colors that appear in
    your aura that coincide with your personality.

(While this device is scientific, the information that follows is for entertainment purposes only and is NOT to be used to treat, diagnose, or recommend any health or life related issues or concerns). Please discuss any health concerns with your doctor or health care professional. 

Aura Photo