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Alicia Gorman


Alicia Gorman, RH

Associates Degree in The Arts, 
 CranioSacral Practitioner; Reiki   

Alicia was taught at a very early age that we are all surrounded by energy. She also grew up knowing that we are all born with an innate ability to heal. Shortly after being introduced to Reiki and its powerful effects she started her own path to energy healing. She received her Reiki I certification in 2000 and Reiki II certification in 2004.

After observing how well people, not just those with Sensory Processing Disorders, responded to CranioSacral Therapy she decided this was a crucial piece to internal health and harmony. She took CranioSacral I Training through the Upledger Institute International in 2014.

She also does Aura readings, photos, interpretations and reports which uses biofeedback technology to show: aura color, representation of color, energy levels, and how to improve energy to lead to a more harmonious life.