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Sandee Alveras


Sandee Alevras, RM/T, Psy.O

Certifications:  Reiki Master Teacher, Chironic Healing Therapist, Crystal Healing, Faith Healer.  Silva Method graduate and Silva Ultra Seminar graduate.

Sandee is highly intuitive with almost 40 years experience with energy work and meditation, and 51 years experience reading Tarot cards. She is a Reiki master teacher and former Priestess/Teacher with the Temple of the Four Winds. 

Besides Reiki, Sandee uses other modalities and techniques including aura-cleansing, chakra balancing, Chironic healing, Pranic healing, and Crystal healing. She also uses tuning Forks in her energy work with amazing results with healing past traumas and she employs tensor rings which greatly enhance the Reiki energy and are an infinite source of energy themselves that equalize and stabilize the energy fields of the body.
She teaches many esoteric classes in addition to Reiki that include: reading the tarot, how to use a pendulum, meditation, rock stone and Crystal identification, how to build a crystal grid, and making elixirs.
Sandee is also a mentor and loves to teach people to help themselves.