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In the midst of this challenging world, we must strive to see the positive, the joy, the light; the little things that make our hearts shine. And it all starts with self love!

In this New Year, perhaps instead of a resolution to “change” something about yourself, I ask you to promise to love and “accept” yourself. It is by expressing self love first, we can accomplish change in our lives.

In my experience people who are hard on themselves can become harsh and judgmental of those around them. Because they have not taken time to love themselves or have been able to accept themselves, they have expanded that energy externally to those around them.  Being judgmental of ourselves is exhausting and unkind. This action creates a negative energy that can expand into all aspects of one’s life, like poison.

Colleen in self love prayer position.

 Please be easy on yourself! Stop picking on what’s wrong with your body, your face, your life, and find some time and space to forgive yourself, love yourself and breathe! Loving ourselves attracts more love and happiness into our lives and creates opportunities to spread love to those around us!

Like attracts like, so if you are kind, loving and accepting of yourself, you will have more kind, loving and accepting people in your life. Once you shift your energy to self love you will notice that magically those who do not show you kindness or do not lovingly accept you will disappear from your life. You will no longer attract that negativity into your life, and you will feel light, happy and free!

What do you love about yourself? Are you a good person/parent/spouse/friend/sibling? Did you do a kind thing for someone? Did you give time to someone who needed it? Did you say something kind to another? Did you make somebody laugh? Did you simply smile at someone? What is one good thing about you that you KNOW to be true? Give yourself some credit for the little things you do daily whether it be for your family, friends, church, community or YOURSELF!

Creating a “Self Love Program”, doesn’t have to cost any money. Self love can be expressed via a daily mantra of: “I am”. I am worthy of love; I am a good mom; I am a good husband; I am a good person; I am good at my job. Or you can start by looking in the mirror every day and simply say, “I love you”. It may feel strange at first especially if you don’t feel it, but your body hears what you say, and responds positively on a cellular level when you repeat positive affirmations.

Self love can be taking time for yourself, even if it is just taking a bubble bath, a warm shower, getting into the car if it is the only place you can achieve peace and sit quietly for 5 minutes. Read an inspirational book or play your favorite song and dance around the house with the kids!

If you desire something a bit more that costs nothing, Lovelight offers a women’s monthly meeting; Mother, Maiden, Crone (MMC). We cover subjects of self love, gratitude, spirituality and other positive uplifting subjects.

I invite you to make this year’s resolution about giving yourself daily love in the form of a mantra as well as one monthly act of self love. This act of self love can be achieved by going to one of our MMC meetings, community acupuncture or yoga classes which range from donation based to $10 weekly yoga classes to $30 community acupuncture.

We also offer packages in self care from a three hour package of Craniosacral Therapy at $60 per hour to other packages that can be custom created based on your needs for any budget. Packages can include nutrition, bodywork, energy work, licensed clinical social work, life coaching acupuncture, consultations and much more.

Our practitioners will build you up, help put your insecurities to sleep and remind you that you are worthy! We would be honored to assist you in creating your Self Love Program for your internal “Lovelight” to shine even brighter!

Peace, Love and Light to you!