About me

Colleen Ofsanik


Alchemist, Healer, Seer

Colleen has been a well trained professional practitioner since 1996.  She describes herself as a healer, seer and an alchemist.  She is a highly intuitive old soul with a peaceful presence who is empathetic and incredibly grounded.  


Ever since she was a small child, she was able to speak with spirit and receive messages.  At the age of 7 she was hit by a car and is certain she sustained no injury because spirit placed her body in suspended animation.  

Over the years she has honed in on her psychic abilities.  Her healing sessions, coaching and readings oftentimes have presented clients with information regarding their past, present and future.  She is frequently able to connect with loved ones, spirit guides and deities who provide information which has been helpful in guiding her clients.  


Her naturopathic training has provided her the unique ability to create customized potions and concoctions that can include herbs, oils, homeopathics and flower remedies.  She has utilized these potions successfully to provide support to her clients in healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


She blends her scientific training with her understanding of quantum physics and the metaphysical world.  These unique skills and abilities, when combined together, are what make Colleen an alchemist, healer and seer.


Colleen is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Naturopathic Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Raindrop Specialist, Reflexologist and formerly the Director of a healing center with 12 practitioners.


Her additional trainings and certifications include:  Homeopathy, Herbology, Bach Flower, Essential Oils, Emotional Release, Muscle Testing, Crystals, Witchcraft/Magick, Psychic Development and more.

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