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Sacred Circle of Self-Love

An Exploration of the Divine Feminine 

What is the divine feminine? How do we nurture her and stay connected? How can we leverage our feminine essence for the good of our family, workplace and community?


Join Colleen Kutcher Ofsanik of The Lovelight Connection and Daphne Paras of Sacred Seeker and Transfiremation on an exploration deep into your inner wisdom, that all starts with self love.  Held in the beautiful healing space of The Sanctuary, this format will be a combination of teachings, discussions, exercises and tools to help us align with our divine feminine power along with a community of like-minded Goddesses!

Discussions topics:
  • Energy: What is it?  From crystals to chakras and how quantum physics relates to the metaphysical world

  • Age of Aquarius and cosmic alignments: What does it mean?

  • What does it mean to be psychic?

  • Immersion to Self Love

  • What is "Spiritual Bypassing"

  • Spirituality

  • Divine Feminine (COMING SOON)

Bookings are  available for Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday evenings, or Saturday afternoons.
  • Each 2 Hours: $33/person
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