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Healing Vibrations Program

The Healing Vibrations program uses different tools and therapies to encourage the body's frequencies to change.  When these are introduced into one's energetic field through vibrational healing, balance can be restored. Vibrational Healing creates harmony within the body allowing the body to heal itself.  Here are some of the options Nekea offers:

QRI (Quantum Reflex Integration) is a non-invasive gentle protocol that combines reflex integration techniques, sound therapy and cold laser.  This combination produces quick, visible results as it re-patterns nervous system behavior from both primitive and lifelong reflexes. 

If these reflexes are compromised in utero, this can delay the ongoing development of our nervous systems. These interruptions can come up as ADHD, autism, developmental delay, sensory issues, development of allergies, muscle weakness, coordination difficulties, etc. 

Computer Harmonizer is designed to reduce the effects of EMFs. Often times our pineal glands are affected by EMFs. When this occurs things such as sleep patterns, emotional health and cognitive abilities are all compromised. 

These effects can present themselves as headaches, muscle pain, chest pain, anxiety, restlessness, upset stomach, change in sex drive, lack of focus and motivation and depression.



The harmonizer produces frequencies that rebuild, balance, strengthen and attunes one’s internal energy.  The positive frequencies override disruptive effects of radiation from computers, cellphones, WI-FI, fluorescent lights, electric appliances, power lines and smart meters.