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Ayurveda Marma Body Treatment

Marma is a subtle treatment that has noticeable physical, psychological, and emotional benefits.  It’s very effective for people with stress, depression, anxiety and those who have experienced trauma with post-traumatic stress.  Benefits include reduced health problems, lowered anxiety and depression and increased joy and optimism.

What is it?
Marma is a gentle hands-on treatment that subtly manipulates the Marmas (energy points) of the body. Marma’s are pressure points on the body that are areas of concentrated prana or life-force energy. Marma points are switches that when opened up, allow energy flow to increase. The light healing touch of Marma therapy balances the flow of prana through the muscles, joints and organs of the body.  

Your Experience: After coming into the calm and nurturing treatment room, you’ll relax between comfy flannel sheets warmed to the perfect cozy temperature as you rest in the luxurious comfort of the massage table. You’ll settle in laying on your stomach and begin to drift away as the Marma moves from your head, to back, arms, hands, legs and feet. Somewhere along the way you’ll have drifted off when you hear the request to turn onto your back. You’ll think that only a moment has passed as you roll over and start to drift away again as the Marma moves once again over your body. There’ll be moments when you’ll notice the aromatics of the oils have changed and you realize the Marma has moved to a different point on your body. And along the way you’ll feel the deep vibrational healing from the tuning forks as they follow the Marma.


When the Marma is over you’ll wish it could go on just a little longer, but you accept and rest for a few minutes and then get dressed. And when you’re home, you’ll remember our recommendation to rest quietly for a couple of hours.

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Marma Treatment package of three is also available! 

Marma 6 month subscription is also available!