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New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation

We are living in a world where there is constant change and evolution; shifting from 3D, 4D and even higher.  All of humanity is going through a renovation in order to hold more light caused by paradigm shifts throughout the world.

New Paradigm MDT is a system that assists people during their time of transformation.  Whether, you are looking to free yourself of fear or need assistance in finding the vibration you are looking to emanate, the healing effects of this energy work is felt strongly.  

During a session, high frequency energy is flowing all around and through you, waking up the unconscious  awareness- jump starting your path to personal growth. This freeing of energy permits your body and soul to release old emotional patterns, while creating space for unconditional love and freedom.  

This recharging of energy is so powerful it allows anyone that has been "activated"to pass its healing properties on to others.  This can be felt on many levels including physical, emotional and a psychological.

"We are undergoing a crystalline transformation, a vibrational transformation, a paradigm-shift transformation. We are part of a process that is on-going at this time, cause and effect intertwined, from our point of view. And our point of view is expanding multi-dimensionally."