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Structural Integration

Structural Integration is not a massage.  It is designed to help align and balance bone structure of the body in the gravitational field via soft tissue manipulation.  To achieve the maximum benefits of this therapy, it is formatted into 10- 90 minute sessions. Sessions 1-3 will work the outer most layer and create room for deeper work.  Sessions 4-7 addresses the "core" to restore balance and function in the major players of total body alignment. Sessions 8-10 are the integration sessions; evaluating what your body needs to move with ease and without pain.  

Structural Integration can help with (but not limited to):

  • Back pain/ lordosis
  • Neck/ Shoulder, stress related pain
  • TMJ related pain
  • Helps restore pelvic alignment after pregnancy
  • Helps support alignment after knee/hip replacements
  • Fallen Arches
  • Sitting-at-a desk, driving, etc postural pain
  • Repetitive motion strains from any kind of activity
  • Various muscle "syndromes", i.e. piriformis or carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle tension