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Wellness Consultation

Signs and Symptoms


Colleen Ofsanik is a Certified Natural Health Professional through Trinity School of Natural Health. She has trained under and worked with several naturopaths as well as chiropractors over the years. Colleen is also a Certified Life Coach and is certified and trained in emotional release therapy, iridology, palpation testing, enzyme therapy, customized Bach Flower Remedies, herbology, homeopathy and tongue/nail/facial analysis, many of which are discussed during your wellness consultation.

Over the years, Colleen has observed holistic practitioners, oftentimes, miss two important components to an individual’s overall well being:

    1. How food is being assimilated by the body no matter how great one’s diet and lifestyle may be.
    2. Emotional characteristics of each client, which plays a significant role in one’s ability to complete wellness.

Wellness Consultation Process

During the wellness consultation she considers these two very important points of focus that provide keys to wellness success. That is why she incorporates enzyme therapy along with Bach Flower Remedies.

The consultation includes an in depth discussion of her client’s life; past and present. Colleen is attentive and genuine, taking time to become familiar with each of her clients from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Therefore, the first Wellness Consultation appointment is approximately 2 1/2 hours. Colleen believes that establishing a relationship with her clients is vital. She takes time to become familiar with her client’s goals and needs so they can create a customized wellness plan together.

Prior to your consultation you will complete a Signs and Symptoms Survey along with a Bach Flower Remedy Questionnaire which provides insight to an individual’s physical and emotional state of being. (Links provided at the top of the page).

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During a consultation Colleen may take a photo of her client’s eyes to perform a brief Iridology assessment and/or conduct a palpation exam if needed to provide further information on the individual’s physiology. 

She will review her findings with her client and make recommendations based on all of the above information.

Colleen’s philosophy is to educate her clients while treating them with compassion and respect. She integrates her intuition and experience along with her peaceful energy to ease stress while providing a safe environment.